Monday, November 24, 2014

Cheat day yesterday

Well yesterday I cheated a bit with Pizza, my mom brought pizza over and I well ate it.  I was hungry and I needed to eat something fast and as you know breastfeeding moms tend to be on the hungrier side, so I ate a few slices, not a lot though.  But a cheat nevertheless.

I made up for it later with homemade macaroni and cheese dish which you can have on this plan, in fact pasta is encouraged.  But then cheated again with 1 brownie.  For breakfast I had a large one - 2 eggs over easy, 1 sesame bagel with cream cheese and jam and a mixture of onions and potatoes. I also consumed about 3 glasses of Pepsi/Coke products but later that evening drank water.

Today I started fresh with Multigrain Hot Cereal from TJ's, 2 packets so I got 2 grain servings covered.  Still have the rest of the day to make smarter choices than yesterday.

Tip 1: I should have done this - Brought Medifast meals to enjoy while in the company of family.  For example, if I had brought a chocolate mint crunch bar it would have replaced the brownie and satisfied my craving for chocolate.  

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