Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day Three

I promise not all of these posts will be meals but I am keeping a food journal for myself as well as sharing advice of what I go through in a typical week, tips and other helpful information.  Tips are in Thanksgiving Orange

If you have read my other blog: you may have seen before and after pics of me.  I plan to do before and afters again this time around, I just have not done it yet.  My profile picture offers a thinner version of me but it is not my current look.  I wear a lot of oversized sweaters, sweat pants and fleece pants, needless to say I don't feel put together very well.  But my kids keep me going as well as this blog and my Ebay business.  I feel as a stay at home mom it is important to feel connected to the world around you, so having an in-home business or hobby can really help with that.  My stress relief is Paint Nite, I have painted many paintings to date, and I plan to paint even more.

Yesterday I followed everything but the Medifast meals, in the program they tell you to just stuff it all in the end of the day even if you are not hungry, I probably should have done that.

You may find that I post the brands of the product I am eating, I find this is great to share if you see it and think it is a good idea for a food item, then you know what brand to buy.  Or get the generic brand and save money.  At least with the references you can get a good idea on what to get when you shop for yourself. :)

Hodgson Mills Hot Oat Bran Cereal 2 servings = 1/2 cup
Added maple syrup and Baker's Blend Spices

= 345 Calories

I get my spices through the mail at The Spice and Tea Exchange, they have a lot of spices and teas, hence the name.  Very reasonably priced too.  Baker's Blend is a spice blend used in many recipes and I love using it in oatmeal, I even make my own pumpkin spice spread by adding a bit of it and Truvia to 2 tablespoons of margarine spread.  Cheaper than getting the real thing.

Mid-Morning Snack:
Medifast Cappuccino Calorie Burn (the only kind I have at the moment)
1 Small Bosc Pear

= 220 Calories

Water = 3 - 8 oz cups w/ 1 True Lemon flavor stick = 5 calories (yes, you can flavor your water but play it smart)  True Lemon is a great brand because it is all good for you and provides a good amount of Vitamin C, its the only water flavoring I will give to my little boy who hates plain water.  You can get it at Stop & Shop and online at, Shaw's may also carry it as well as some Dollar Trees.

Tip 1: I put in my order for more Medifast stuff on Tuesday and my shipment will be coming in on Friday.  Here is a tip for ordering your Medifast TSFL food: always order a day or two before Wednesday, Wednesday is there shipping day.  Ever notice if you order on the weekend how long it takes to initially ship it out to you, or at least leave the warehouse?  Place it a couple of days before Wednesday and it will ship a lot quicker.

Tip 2: Always clean your dishes after making or eating/drinking any Medifast product in it right away.  The longer you leave it, the harder it is to clean off.

1 Medium Veggie/Meat Wrap - 1 large slice of low moisture Mozzarella Cheese, 1 slice of Turkey, 2 slices of uncured Ham, 7 slices of cucumbers, 7 leaves of cilantro, Pesto (homemade) spread and 2 tsps of Light Mayo on a Flax Seed Whole Grain Wrap.

= 506.5 Calories

Continuing to drink water = 2 - 8 oz cups, used left over stick of True Lemon and a splash of Skinny Girl Black Cherry flavoring, add 2 calories

I find myself rushing through my meals, not knowing how much time I have to eat them (till baby cries or my son needs another thing from me).  Tip 3: If you can take the time to eat slowly and really chew between bites, you can really enjoy your food and be a better eater.
Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to be in a race when you go out to eat or just sitting in a coffee shop, people eat real quick and head out the door.  As a past Weight Watchers goer the one of the things I took away from the program that really stuck for me was: taking the time to get through your meal, frequent pauses, 3 to 5 minutes between bites and really chew your food, so important.  This helps with digestion and you will be less likely to have a full stomach or tummy ache later.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
1 Medifast Brownie

= 110 Calories

Adding in 3 additional cups of Water for the afternoon, + 5 Calories for True Lemon Lemonade Flavor Stick

Tip 4: Want to make sure you get your water during the day?  I know with kids it seems hard enough to remember to eat but if you have a big cup around perhaps 16 oz or more than you can get more of a chance to drink your fluids and to fit them into your day.
I use a 24 oz cup for the day so each time I fill it I am getting 3 cups of water, this keeps me on point and assures I get the water I need for the day, my doctor said 10 cups but others say just 8, so do what your doctor recommends.  It is 8 cups for the regular Take Shape program.

2 small tuna fish salad sandwiches
Tuna fish Salad = Tuna, a bit of mayo and apple slices
on 2 slims multigrain sandwich bread

= 317.2 Calories

I have to say at the end of the day it is hard to fill up the calories, I still have 289.3 calories left!!  What will I do to fill it in?  I know I have one Medifast meal left, perhaps I can incorporate more fruit or have a cup of carrot juice.

1 medifast Brownie
and Ghirardelli 60% Cacao bittersweet chocolate chips
Chocolate Almond Milk, since Chocolate Almond milk is 120 Calories for 1 8oz cup I am going to make my own chocolate almond milk by taking a few chocolate chips and melting them down and then stirring them into a cup of Vanilla unsweetened almond milk this way the calories will be 30 + however many chips I use.

= 190 Calories


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