Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day Four corrupted

Set myself up for disaster today, who was the culprit?  Chocolate, that's who.  I set myself up for failure when I ordered Skinny Cow snack packs a few days ago, not thinking it would be a deterant from what I am trying to accomplish in this plan.  Plus there was no need to get them by Medifast chocolate crunch bars arrived today and I could have gotten my chocolate fix that way.

So breakfast was good:
1 Multigrain Slim w/ margarine
1 cup carrot juice
1 cup of mixed fruit

= 370 Calories

Then the chocolate arrived....
Skinny Cow PB Crisp bar
Dark Choco Clusters
Milk Chocolate Caramels
3 - Milk Chocolate Crisp Bars
= 690 calories for a mid-morning snack!!
I meant to have one but ended up having more than 1, sugar is sweetly and yet painfully addictive.  I say painful because it only hurts you when you are trying to eat right.

2 TJ's Chile Lime chicken burgers
2 Multigrain Slims
w/ Homemade Pesto spread
and Nayonaise Spread (Vegan Mayo)
2 Thin slices of Mozzarella Low Moisture

= 700

Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Don't have the calorie count on these sadly, my husband chucked the package before I could record it.  I know I went over for sure, not a good day!

Tip: DON'T EAT CANDY on the plan, it will surely ruin your whole day, it is very addictive and sets you up for failure!!

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