Friday, November 7, 2014

What I'm doing to change

Having started to eat better last week I stepped on the scale this week after two weeks ago of stepping on the scale and I lost 6 pounds, which is awesome.  So it was 220 and this morning it was 214.  I haven't incorporated Take Shape's food yet but just started to make healthier choices and it has helped to increase milk production as well as helped me to lose weight.  I think it is also a well known fact that women lose more weight after birth when they are nursing, I believe this is true now, it can only help me further reach my goals.

What do I mean when I say healthier choices?  I mean instead of eating junk and microwaveable meals all day I eat wraps with veggies and meats.  I get more calcium in my diet by eating yogurt and I incorporate more fruit into my day.  I still have the occasional treat but I am learning to take better care of myself now that the baby's schedule is becoming more routine.

I am not part of my husband's gym right now but my kids give me very little time to just sit and hang out.  I assure you I am moving a lot during the day.  I get my exercise by doing chores, going up and down stairs and I park far from the front door when I go on errands or drop/pick up my son from school.  These activities have certainly helped in losing some weight.  My pregnancy with my son, I barely moved around so I just kept gaining weight instead of losing it.  But the second time around with my daughter I barely rested until the 8th or 9th month and after she was born I have been constantly moving.

I did not nurse my son for very long after birth, in fact nursing didn't work out for us very much.  Instead I pumped occasionally and he got most of his nutrients from formula.  I pumped for about 3 months and then stopped.
This time is different, my daughter is excellent at nursing and I plan to nurse her till she turns 6 months.  I have thought about nursing her for longer but I am worried about being bitten when her teeth grow in.   I am considering to nurse her longer but I have not made up my mind yet.

**(Comment please if you nursed for longer than 6 months, I'd like to know how you handled the teeth).

I hope to incorporate the Nursing program for Take Shape starting next week 11/10/14 and I will keep you posted weekly/monthly on my progress.

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