Friday, November 7, 2014

My back story

For those of you who have read My Ideal Protein Diet Journal/Take Shape for Life @ you know who I am.  For those who have never read that blog, you don't, so here is a bit of back story into my journey thus far.

I started the Ideal Protein program back in the Spring of 2012 and it took me about 9 months to lose 130 pounds, bringing me from 255 to 125.  The journey wasn't easy at all and the cost was pricey but it was well worth it in the end.  I had shed many sizes from 2X to size small, from a 2X pant to a size 4 in jeans and really took pride in my appearance when before sweats were a comfort.  I was doing well when until I let myself slip in Summer of 2013, was having stress at school and found comfort in food and well summer drinking which led me to gain about 25 pounds.  150 wasn't horrible but it wasn't where I wanted to be.  So in October of 2013 I went on a new program called Take Shape for Life, I had been on the maintenance program in Take Shape for some time before the Summer and new the maintenance items helped a lot.  Ideal Protein was good but Take Shape was even better, allowing bars all the time and allowing me to save a few dollars here and there.  Their food also provided more choices and was pretty good too.  Not having to buy vitamins in addition to food was a huge savings.
I was a Take Shape coach since January of 2012 anyways so I knew about the program and decided that I should incorporate it into my life again to lose the 25 pounds I wanted to lose.  So I incorporated it back into my life and I lost 15 pounds.
In December I got news that I was pregnant, this was my second child.  I had to stop the diet and watch what I ate again.  It was hard and the cravings didn't help much either.  As the 9 months went on, I kept gaining, I gained about 100 pounds in fact.  A little more than my last pregnancy of 80 pounds when I started at 175.  Needless to say after having my baby I dropped to 220 and could see myself in a rut.
My worst fear of gaining weight all over again had come true and I have to lose it again.  I thought I was going to be able to jump right back in when she was born but I had to settle with the weight for now as I learned mine and my baby's schedule first.  Now my baby has a somewhat steady schedule and I have found more time to take care of myself.  That being said I am now ready to jump on the wagon again and lose the weight.  I am not just doing this for myself but also for my daughter.  I have lost myself these passed two months trying to eat the right foods so my daughter can get enough milk and yet I've fallen many times into the pit of sugar.  That's right - chocolate, fast food, candy and just overall poor diet.  Because of these choices my milk for nursing has declined and it is both frustrating for me and baby.  Now it is time to really eat well for not just myself but for my daughter as well.  Plus my husband just joined a gym, he goes every day he can so there is support in the house to get going on the program.  There are loads of reasons to go back on, best reason to be healthy for my kids and to love life again, I miss running and I hope to be in shape enough to run in the Spring.

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