Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Learning some things along the way...and where to find Nursing info

Ok, so don't obsess over calories in this plan, what you want to do is focus on servings count, if you want to count the servings for an apple feel free but it is the servings you want while also staying within the 1800 or 1500 calorie intake.  So for fruits and vegetables a 5 serving minimum is required, get 5 servings in and you have already served a part of the plan.

So a lot of you must be wondering...where you can find the nursing program information.  If you go on my website: and then go into Habits of Health tab on the top, under Helpful Resources mid-way down the page, click on Frequently Asked Questions, Now on the Left there is a section that says Product & Plan FAQs, select Plan Guides and Tools, now under plan guides and tools on the page you should see: "Nursing mothers guide", click on it.  It will open a PDF that you can browse through and print at your leisure.  This gives you the information you need to get the plan done right!
Here is the link to the PDF form:

Also give foods on TSFL a second chance, I tried the Gingerbread again this morning, it was really good, not dry at all.

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