Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day Five - A New Beginning

Ok, depending upon how you look at it, this could potentially be Day one because yesterday was not on plan - too much Skinny Cow!!

Breakfast this morning:
1 - Medifast Hot Cocoa
1 - Medifast Gingerbread - not bad but a bit dry, was my first time trying it, was skeptical because all I have ever liked from their bakes is the brownie and chocolate chip.  The last time I tried a new bake (the blueberry muffin) it was not very good.

= 220 Calories

Tip 1: All the drinks say not to shake in a shaker, well you NEED to prior to heating up because the protein turns into glop and you are forced to drink the glop, it can be really gross and turn you off their drinks for the long haul.  So, use the shaker first, then pour into vessel and either drink it or heat it up, but be sure TO WATCH THE DRINK IF HEATING, otherwise it will boil over.  30 second intervals are best!

Tip 2: When making bakes, mix with a knife not a spoon.

Rest of day went well, day got busy though so wasn't able to record it all.

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